“Until one has loved an animal,
a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

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Your Fear Free Vet In Franklin, TN

Looking for a local veterinary practice? South Franklin Animal Hospital strives to follow our mission statement — extending the highest level of care to pets and their parents. We believe in forming relationship bonds, always with genuine care and compassion.

We want our clients to know it is our priority to provide the best veterinary care to our patients and it is our goal to assure that you, the owner, are well informed and comfortable with the decisions made regarding your pets’ care.

Keeping Your Pet Calm & Delivering the Highest Standards of Care

Our SFAH staff members are dedicated to the care of animals, and they are willing to do whatever is necessary to make your pet comfortable with the highest quality standards of any veterinary facility. Our facility provides a wide variety of pet products and services including full veterinary services, pet styling, pet boarding, and a full inventory of pet supplies. Regardless of your pet’s stage in life, we have a selection of the products to keep them healthy. Our products are selected based on personal use and newest research data.

We want our clients to know it is our priority to provide the highest level of veterinary medicine and care to our patients and our goal to assure that you, the owner, are well informed and comfortable with the decisions made regarding your pets’ care. At SFAH, we will try to always present a treatment plan and estimate of cost.

A small furry dog with a red leash sitting on a pile of towels at South Franklin Animal Hospital in Franklin, TN

A Neighborhood Veterinary Practice

With Fear-Free Practices and Multi-Modal Treatments

South Franklin Animal Hospital started seeing behavior cases with a heavy influence in anxiety/fear, fear aggression, and separation issues. Naturally this influence has opened awareness on pet’s fear and anxieties coming to the hospital setting, and how this stress affects examination findings, blood work results, and diagnosis. Stress or anxieties in our pets are related to disease processes and life span. We have realized how all aspects of our hospital can make a difference on the overall stress and anxiety our beloved patients may experience.

We Designed Our Facility By Focusing on Fear-Free Practice Standards

In 2016, Dr. Cheryl Sammons and South Animal Hospital completed a total remodel of our building at 137 Alpha Drive in Franklin. This project had an overall focus on Fear-Free Practice. Dr. Sammons had an Animal Arts Architecture Firm out of Boulder, Co design the hospital with design layout, client-patient flow, ventilation, wall insulation, and flooring system. Aspects such as odor control, calming scent / pheromone rooms/wards, and color palettes are infused into our facility.

South Franklin Animal Hospital is enrolled in Fear-Free Practice Modules for advanced learning, techniques, and certification. There is a continual learning curve in veterinary medicine, especially in the area of behavior concerns. SFAH is fully aware of behavior issues, and the ultimate results of unwanted pets, shelter overload, and strays. We work with amazing rescue groups and are faced with the results of untreated or unaddressed behavior issues. Most of these are related to anxieties, fear, stress, boredom, and lack of structure/leadership. It is our duty to address this behavior issue from all aspects, starting with our practice techniques, owner education, and understanding.

Golden Retriever and British Shorthair sitting together
South Franklin Animal Hospital team each holding a dog

Focusing on Pet Nutrition for Long Term Health

Another area of concentration for South Franklin Animal Hospital is a best medicine multimodal approach to our beloved pet’s treatment. It is a golden rule that there is” no…one injection treatment that is long term good.” So treatment and prevention is usually a commitment of a daily approach. Our belief is the foundation of disease treatment and prevention is nutrition. That does not mean FAD diets, but founded research on diets that address issues. Diets are a first line defense on most diseases addressed in animals.

Along with diets, are proven medications, supplements, and additives. Multimodal treatment approach is key in the successful treatment of chronic, un curable diseases such as allergies/skin issues, osteoarthritis, and behavior. This approach is a team effort between the doctor, staff/team, and owner to give our beloved pets the fullest, pain-free, fear-free life.

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Because A Healthy Pet is a Happy Pet

Our hospital has the best state of the art veterinary equipment and technology. Dr. Sammons is committed to staying on top of the newest and best in medicine, surgery, and products. She is committed to networking with boarded veterinarians, specialists, and universities in all cases to get the best results for the patient and clients. If a case cannot be handled, Dr. Sammons believes in appropriate referral of cases.

At South Franklin Animal Hospital, Dr. Sammons also is committed to the pet’s life stages of care, from pediatric to geriatric. This includes appropriate recommendations on wellness lab work, vaccinations, supplements, and diets. Dr. Sammons and staff spend a lot of time communicating with clients on puppy topics, such as crate training, training tips, and behavior concerns, as well as geriatric topics, such as cognitive dysfunction, urinary incontinent, and quality of life.

Most important is Dr Sammons and her SFAH Staff are always in touch with clients via email, phone, and/or text message. Dr. Sammons strongly feels that it is a TEAM approach with the client on all stages of a pet’s life, but most important as the pet nears end of life. She takes a personal approach to not only helping clients prepare for the day, but walks with the clients on that day to make sure that the celebration of the pet’s life is perfect. At SFAH, no detail is forgotten.

Dr. Sammons sitting between two large dogs in a grassy field in Franklin, TN
A vet technican at South Franklin Animal Hospital holding a small gray dog

Promoting Healing, Warmth, & Goodwill Through Our Care

At South Franklin Animal Hospital, we think of our facility as a place of healing, warmth and goodwill. With a staff dedicated and trained to attend to the best interest of both the patient and client. Each staff member is deeply committed to your pet’s health and well-being. We fully dedicate ourselves to providing top-notch, personalized medical care in an environment that is both welcoming and comfortable for you and your loved companion. We look forward to seeing you soon!

The Resources You Need, The Support You Deserve

We have a number of resources for you to learn about how to take better care of your pets. Browse around and look at our articles and pet videos. The best veterinary care for animals is ongoing nutrition and problem prevention. If you want to ask a question, call 615-595-2337 or email us and we’ll promptly get back to you.

Our Franklin veterinarian office is very easy to get to, and you can find directions on our Contact Us page. You can also subscribe to our newsletter which is created especially for Franklin pet owners. In between your veterinary visits, your pet will benefit from you reading these free informative articles. At South Franklin Animal Hospital, we treat your pets like the valued family members they are.

What Pet Parents Say

“South Franklin Animal Hospital is amazing. We have been taking our pets to Dr. Sammons for over 8 years. They are like family, and I couldn’t imagine taking our pets anywhere else.”
— Jelena

“We always love to go to Dr. Cheryl’s office — all of the staff is so friendly, and they always take good care of my Ridgeback. Highly recommend!!”

— Melissa

“Staff is very friendly and quickly becomes like family…getting to know you and your pet’s needs and preferences. Our go-to ‘home away from home’ for all our pets.”

— Sara

“The personnel here are amazing. They take time to understand your pet’s needs and go above and beyond to ensure their comfort during their visits. My dog is a little anxious, but he ADORES the doctor and vet techs here.”

— Meredyth

“There is absolutely no one else I would ever take my pets to! Hannah and Dr. Sammons are absolutely amazing!!! I can not recommend them enough! Henry absolutely LOVES going to his vet appointments!”

— Margaret

“The staff is always kind and efficient.. our dogs (all 4) love coming for their checkups and care! ❤️ Dr. Sammons is one of a kind! Very caring and gives her undivided attention to you. She explains all aspects of treatment!”

— Cathy

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